Ming Ming Molony has brought her knowledge and skills halfway around the world, and now finds herself in a former bank building on the corner of Front and Bridge streets in Catasauqua. There, she has attempted to design a special Oriental Medicine focused Spa environment for her clients. "I wanted to create a relaxing oasis where my clients could get away from the hustle of the ordinary routine while enhancing not only their beauty, but their health," she said. She purposely did not pick a high traffic area. "I wanted to create something unique that will draw people to the Spa, not a place they stop by on the way to somewhere else."


Her Spa offers a number of services, including various forms of massages, manicures, pedicures, microdermabrasion, and skin-care treatments. Ming Ming is a native of China who met her American husband, David, in China where he was enhancing his post graduate studies of Chinese herbal medicine. Ming Ming and David originally set up their practice in Emmaus when they first came to the area in 1988, but quickly expanded beyond the small location. "On the advice of a client, we found this place in Catasauqua in 1991 and moved here," she said. "I like the area because I'm from the east coast of China and there are trees and changes of season here, like I remember." Ming Ming is a certified and licensed acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine practitioner and specializes in natural face-lifts. She received most of her training in China, updating ancient techniques and styles to modify them to include modern information and with a focus on American tastes. "We combine acupuncture with facials to naturally refurbish the skin and bring back its youthful tone," she says. From her training in China and her work in Chinese hospitals, Ming Ming says she has seen how effective the correct natural remedies can be. David Molony has been practicing Acupuncture, Nutrition, Western herbal medicine, and Chinese and Oriental Medicine for nearly four decades. 


The Molony’s have extensively remodeled the interior of the Spa’s building. "We took everything down to the bare walls and rebuilt it," she said. Each room has a different artistic theme created in modern mosaic tile. One tiled massage room depicts a mountain scene with a flowing river. "We want repeat customers that are happy with our services and relax in the beauty that is our facility," she said.


In addition to the above mentioned services, the Spa also offers body scrubs and wraps, waxing, acupressure, special spa manicures and pedicures, in addition to gentlemen's services. "Plenty of places offer these services, so we need to do them better with more choices, and in a more beautiful and relaxing space," she says. Unique twists involve Threading (a hair removal system that uses 100% cotton sewing thread), Ear Candling, Lymphatic Drainage Treatment, Eyelash Extensions, and filtered showers that eliminate chlorine outgassing. There is also a Far Infrared Sauna that provides the heat of a conventional sauna with core warming and a healing process that utilizes a Far Infrared wavelength to enhance skin tone and overall health; and a vitamin D light bed for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), otherwise known as the winter blues.  "Our light beds use different types of light to rejuvenate the skin and supply vitamin D, with special bulbs creating collagen development in the facial area," she said.


Ming Ming is focused on using natural products at the Spa. "I spent years going to Spa trade shows, Natural Healing conferences, and Oriental Medicine conferences trying to find the right high quality products," she said. "Not all the products termed natural are useful or even good for your skin, but after careful research and a complete understanding of both the whole body and especially the skin, we believe we have the best products." Ming Ming plans to begin introducing classes at her Spa, beginning with lectures on Feng Shui, yoga and skin care. "The Feng Shui adjustments that we made at the spa make a big difference in how our clients feel," she says. "Our goal is to create a place for our clients to forget their outside cares and to have things done for them to take them to the next level of beauty and relaxed self-awareness."

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